Essex Dog Trainer

For a calmer, focused and happier dog – and more confident owner!

The British love their dogs and they often become ‘part of the family’. However, there are times when you need affordable local help to improve a dog’s behaviour, especially when integrating a puppy or rescue dog into your home.

A local dog trainer is also invaluable if you have a canine companion with challenging personality traits, or a working/competition dog drifting in its focus.

For all those occasions and more, you need Essex Dog Trainer.

We offer dog training services locally that put a high value on each animal’s individual character, welfare and contentment. Our activities to improve dog skills involve holistic and supportive methods, that work!

Essex Dog Trainer services include just for fun dog daycare in Essex, to socialise and relax your pet. However, most of our work focuses on improving each dog’s behaviour, obedience and manageability. This often requires us to work with the owner, as well as the dog.

So, among the reasons to track down a ‘dog trainer near me’ is to:

• Improve your dog’s interaction with other dogs
• Let your dog off lead confidently
• Avoid flight risks
• Improve recall in general
• Improve obedience in general
• Comfortably walk your dog on a lead
• Walk or run your dog to heel flawlessly
• Eradicate pulling on dog walks
• Stop your dog from barking
• Manage separation anxiety in dogs
• Support an anxious dog
• Improve dog agility
• Teach a dog protection skills
• Train a puppy in acceptable behaviour
• Channel your dog’s restless energy
• Tackle anti-social behaviour

We are also pleased to provide Essex dog training services if you want to improve your dog’s abilities in competitions and shows. Or, you can enhance working dog skills with our specialist dog handling support in Essex.

Are you looking for help in improving dog handling skills for vets, dog walkers, dog groomers or kennel staff for example? Essex Dog Trainer would be pleased to quote for this specialist support, to improve confidence in working with dogs.

Options for Essex Dog Training

We are a dog training service based in Chelmsford, Essex, and offer our specialist support to pet owners, animal care staff and working dog handlers across the county.

This includes both one to one dog training and working in small groups.

Your dog training can take place at your home, or it can be delivered at our purpose designed facilities.

The Essex Dog Trainer also offers residential dog training, wherever you live in the UK. This is also the ideal option for a canine companion or working dog with multiple and complex needs, best addressed during an intense dog training programme over several days.

Though we also provide intensive residential dog training for Essex owners too.

Our services are tailored to the individual needs and personality of each animal, and what you hope to achieve as an owner. It will include advice for the best way to continually support, manage and enjoy your dog after the training is complete.

Why choose Essex Dog Trainer services?

When searching for a licensed, insured and accredited dog trainer nearby, it’s vital to be sure your pet or working animal is in the best possible hands.

The Essex Dog Trainer organisation is led by Alex (surname), who has many years of experience in handling and developing multiple dog breeds. Including helping to raise and train: police dogs, security dogs and dogs that compete in competitions.

Awards and certifications include: All breeds National Champion, German Shepherd National Champion, Licensed Tracklayer, and three ‘Best Rated Business’ accolades over the last five years.

Alex believes all dogs deserve the chance to be guided and supported in finding positive behaviours and good social skills. Without losing sight of each dog’s personality.

That often involves training both dog and owner to work, play and live together in a way that makes them both happy!

Contact a recommended dog trainer in Essex

If you would like to explore the costs of dog training then why not take advantage of our no-cost consultation service.

To clarify, we offer free advice on dog behaviour and management. Including details of recommended training programmes for dogs, and ways you can help your canine companion to be calmer and more obedient.

Following this initial free advice from a dog trainer, you can select the best dog training support for your four-legged friend.

Commonly asked questions about dog training services in Essex

Is my dog too old for training?

The short answer is no! We can teach an old dog new tricks, including helping you to manage any age-related behaviours in dogs.

Are there Essex dog training services for aggressive dogs?

If your dog shows signs of aggression – such as a rescue animal that has learnt to defend itself – contacting Essex Dog Trainer is a great first step. We’re experienced in handling challenging dogs and teaching them (and their owners) to manage extreme behaviour. Clearly, in this situation, individual dog training is essential, though this may progress to group activities to socialise dogs with a history of aggression.

Are there training services for small dogs?

It’s a myth that it’s only larger and more boisterous breeds who need new skills provided by dog training services in Essex. Many small pets need help in adjusting their behaviour too!

Any breed of dog can benefit from time spent with the Essex Dog Trainer.

Can a dog trainer come to my house?

For some pet owners, this is a great option, as the Essex Dog Trainer by observing and adjusting behaviour immediately, in their familiar space. This can help owners to find quick fixes to manage dog behaviour at home.

Is there dog training for timid dogs? Or local help to stop a dog barking/snapping?

Learning social skills is an important thing for dogs and owners, so they both enjoy walks – and visits at home – in a confident and calm way. We would be pleased to provide local help for shy dogs, or overly protective ones!


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Essex Dog Trainer

For a calmer, focused and happier dog – and more confident owner! The British love their dogs and they often become ‘part of the family’.