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Each dog’s journey to improved behaviour and manageability must take their personality into consideration. The highly skilled team at the Essex Dog Trainer works with each one, to create positive change, without losing sight of their own individuality!

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You can finally get your dog to listen to you with our professional dog training in Essex. Just call us when you want your four-legged friend to listen, even around other dogs, cats or food!

Whatever problem your dog training maybe, from anxiety, lead pulling, nipping, reactivity or even recall training, I’ve worked with dog owners just like you.

Let me teach you how to get the best from your dog on a one to one dog training basis or let me do the hard work for you on a residential dog training course.


Stay, play and change negative behaviours



An obedient dog is one that can listen to basic commands such as sit, down, stay and most importantly come back when recalled. The Essex Dog Trainer can help you imprint these behaviour’s in a fun and constructive way using reward based techniques to get the best behaviour from your dog.

Residential Dog Training

Some owners book residential stays to fast-track puppy training. Others realise it is the best way to tackle complex behavioural issues in dogs. Sometimes, dog owners who are busy book residential dog training for convenience and speed in teaching their beloved pet new skills!

1-2-1 Training

Each dog’s journey to improved behaviour and manageability must take their personality into consideration. The highly skilled team at the Essex Dog Trainer works with each one, to create positive change, without losing sight of their own individuality!

All Dogs, All Breeds

Finding the best dog daycare in Essex can be a great relief. Especially if you find a place where larger dog breeds can run free and have fun!

A big part of a dogs development related to their time spent with other dogs, big and small.



"Imagine your dog off leash, listening to your every command, and behaving perfectly even in the face of distractions. No more bad behaviour problems with this new dog training technique!"

An award-winning dog behaviourist would work directly with your dog, to adjust unwanted behaviours, teach them important new skills and address issues with anxiety or command resistance.




212 reviews on
Sultana Razia
Sultana Razia
Top trainer very knowledgeable… able to give different options for training I would recommend to anyone in need of help with training … quickly puts u at ease … thanks again for your help .
Letitia Hristodorescu
Letitia Hristodorescu
We have been working with Alex for the past few months and I am super impressed with my dog’s progress. Alex has shown us how to better spend our time together, learn in a more structured way, progress patiently for faster gains and most importantly… have fun! My pup is enjoying obedience, he is happy to work, his drive has increased significantly and our relationship is on another level. We have also used the boarding school services for when we have been away and our pup came back even better trained. Alex’s team have been so friendly, really approachable and I can see how our dog loves spending time with them.
Mark Harnell
Mark Harnell
My experience with Alex was truly amazing. In just 20 minutes, he worked wonders with our stubborn Shar-Pei mix and had him walking calmly on a leash. Alex's approach was to train us as owners, rather than solely focusing on the dog. He provided clear instructions on how to maintain the new behavior, which has resulted in an immediate positive impact on our daily routine. I highly recommend Alex for his exceptional skills and expertise in dog training.
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips
Great training has really helped us manage our American XL bully
Wendy Tumilty
Wendy Tumilty
Alex met me last week to help me with training my 2 year old male bulldog. I have taken on this lovely dog about a month ago. He’s very strong and was pulling and unruly on the lead. Alex had him under control in minutes!! He helped me and showed me how to handle him. Also he shared lots of information, knowledge and tips.
Carol Turner
Carol Turner
We had a 1-2-1 session with my 18mth old border collie, I had done some basic training with my youngster but not got very far , and to be honest I needed the training as much as my dog…i think I learnt more in the 2hr session with Alex than I did in 5 mths in a weekly training class. He explains things simply so you understand the reason why you were doing it.. my dog was completely ignoring what I was asking him to do ( I know it was me not doing things correctly) but Alex showed me the correct way and after a few times I started to get the right response from him I was so pleased…we have quite a few things to take away with us and work on together which is brilliant and exactly what I wanted ,it’s going to be a working progress, and I can’t wait to get started… Thank you Alex for your expertise, help & patience ( I’m not the quickest learner. Lol ) and will definitely be back.. x
Jo Newman
Jo Newman
Alex, is a great guy, he was brilliant with Ødie - calm cool and collected, with lots of advice and he helped us hugely with our puppy’s separation anxiety! Would highly recommend to anyone who’s struggling with their puppy to give Alex a call!
Deborah Frappell
Deborah Frappell
I was having issues with my GSD puppy. Four other behaviourist and he was getting worse. We travelled 90 minutes to see Alex, and in a few hours, he was a different dog. We had to have him sedated to go to the vets prior, so I took him into the vets and they asked if he was the same dog. I am so pleased that he can be the dog we thought he could be. Would highly recommend, Alex and his team. We will be seeing them again for further advice and guidance.
Natalie C
Natalie C
100% would recommend. The advice and help I received has really helped me as I had been struggling for years with certain things with my dog. Simple changes have made a big difference and I'm so much happier and confident now. Thank you 😊
What We Do

Essex Dog Trainer’s is based in Chelmsford and covers the whole county. We offer dog training and residential training throughout Essex and the UK for all your puppies and dog training needs.

Our main aim is to guide and help you understand the behaviour your dog is demonstrating to achieve the goal you seek. Giving you specialist and expert training to develop your dog into the perfect pet

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What would you do if your dog was off lead and saw another dog across the road and decides to run to play with them?

Do you have enough control to recall your dog under these circumstances? Can you give your dog the command to “down” as he runs off?

A strong recall or even an emergency down could prevent your dog being hit by a car, running towards an aggressive dog or a even a dog thief.

You are probably thinking I can achieve this all at my local dog training club, but can you? Dogs become familiar with their surroundings and often enough attending dog training classes can not replicate the real life situations faced in every day life.

With our training methods we teach you and your dog to be successful in everyday situations with guidance and most importantly fun.

It’s important that you start the basic training with your puppy as young as possible, normally you’ll get a puppy from 8 weeks old.

Your puppy can then start their training outside after they receive their vaccinations OR training can begin from within your home from day 1 of collection!

I take the time to understand the exact help that you require, and help you shall receive! I have helped thousands of dog owners with behavioural issues and specialise in dealing with dangerous dogs (although I work with ALL kinds of dogs). I am often called out to help where other dog trainers have failed.

I’ll teach you all the skills you and your dog require to overcome any problem behaviours. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. My services are designed with you and your dog in mind to get the best results for you both.

One to one training is a great option for clients who want to learn alongside their dog or if you’d like to have your dog trained by me please visit my residential training section.

While at Big Dog Club your dog will spend the day working with expert dog trainers working on their general obedience. From basic commands, to learning to switch off to just holding their attention. It’s a huge part of what we do.

While at Little Dog Club your dog will spend the day working with expert dog trainers working on their general obedience. From basic commands, to learning to switch off to just holding their attention. It’s a huge part of what we do.

Our trainers are part of the most elite protection training groups in the world. They have trained the strongest dogs in the world for the police, personal protection, security and international sport.

We will work to your requirements, as well as your dogs. This is one of the most important things – there are of course some set procedures, but every dog and every owner are different, we adapt the training to this.