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Each dog’s journey to improved behaviour and manageability must take their personality into consideration. The highly skilled team at the Essex Dog Trainer works with each one, to create positive change, without losing sight of their own individuality!

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You can finally get your dog to listen to you with our professional dog training in Essex. Just call us when you want your four-legged friend to listen, even around other dogs, cats or food!

Whatever problem your dog training maybe, from anxiety, lead pulling, nipping, reactivity or even recall training, I’ve worked with dog owners just like you.

Let me teach you how to get the best from your dog on a one to one dog training basis or let me do the hard work for you on a residential dog training course.


Stay, play and change negative behaviours



An obedient dog is one that can listen to basic commands such as sit, down, stay and most importantly come back when recalled. The Essex Dog Trainer can help you imprint these behaviour’s in a fun and constructive way using reward based techniques to get the best behaviour from your dog.

Residential Dog Training

Some owners book residential stays to fast-track puppy training. Others realise it is the best way to tackle complex behavioural issues in dogs. Sometimes, dog owners who are busy book residential dog training for convenience and speed in teaching their beloved pet new skills!

1-2-1 Training

Each dog’s journey to improved behaviour and manageability must take their personality into consideration. The highly skilled team at the Essex Dog Trainer works with each one, to create positive change, without losing sight of their own individuality!

All Dogs, All Breeds

Finding the best dog daycare in Essex can be a great relief. Especially if you find a place where larger dog breeds can run free and have fun!

A big part of a dogs development related to their time spent with other dogs, big and small.



"Imagine your dog off leash, listening to your every command, and behaving perfectly even in the face of distractions. No more bad behaviour problems with this new dog training technique!"

An award-winning dog behaviourist would work directly with your dog, to adjust unwanted behaviours, teach them important new skills and address issues with anxiety or command resistance.




212 reviews on
Suzanne Aiston
Suzanne Aiston
In my opinion, Alex is the best and most experienced dog trainer you could hire in Essex right now. Both our dogs are easier to manage since training and boarding with him. His advice and guidance has been excellent. Thank you Alex and your lovely team!
Evy Benita
Evy Benita
We had our first session with Alex last week and were honestly speechless by the progress made in just two hours. We rehomed a 16 month old Chow Shepherd three weeks ago, and he's never been trained to walk on a lead, so he was pulling us down the street like there was no tomorrow. I was specifically looking for a trainer who uses kind training techniques and have experience with big dogs, and that's how I came across Essex Dog Trainer. After just one session with Alex, our dog now walks calmer and much nicer before. And you can tell he's less stressed and enjoying the walks much more. He still pulls a little bit, of course, but nowhere near as intense as before, and Alex taught us how to handle the pulling in a constructive way. He also gave us advice on which elements of training we should focus on in order to achieve results faster, and tips for activities that can help calm our pup down. Highly recommend!🐶
Letitia Hristodorescu
Letitia Hristodorescu
We have been working with Alex for the past few months and I am super impressed with my dog’s progress. Alex has shown us how to better spend our time together, learn in a more structured way, progress patiently for faster gains and most importantly… have fun! My pup is enjoying obedience, he is happy to work, his drive has increased significantly and our relationship is on another level. We have also used the boarding school services for when we have been away and our pup came back even better trained. Alex’s team have been so friendly, really approachable and I can see how our dog loves spending time with them. After seeing various trainers around the country, we can say Alex and his team are by far the best dog trainers in the UK for us.
Danielle Leach (Danielle)
Danielle Leach (Danielle)
I’ve been working with Alex for just under a year with my young female Rottweiler and I am over the moon with everything we have achieved so far. He hasn’t only helped my dog but he has helped me improve as an owner. His way of teaching is simplified and easy to follow. A really friendly team, with years of experience behind them with all types of dogs. When you find a great trainer that you can really connect with, it makes all the difference. I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve over the years working with Alex and his team!
Emma Taric
Emma Taric
I have been to a few different trainers over the years to learn and improve and Alex was brilliant. He listened to me, assessed my dog and then we worked. He really was looked at us - which a lot of people simply don't have the skillset to do and follow set methods. His knowledge and skills really shine through and he spends time with you. I would recommend Alex and his team as they are different to other trainers in their experience, knowledge and mindset. I would also say we spent years learning different things with different trainers and we had improvement after one session with Alex. He corrected the little things that hadn't been noticed or commented on before. If you want a trainer who really knows what they are doing and will look at you as individuals then this is the place to go.
Dayn Hawkes
Dayn Hawkes
Alex is very knowledgable and patient. He listened to what I wanted to get from the session and showed me how to train my dog properly. Highly recommended.
G Taylor
G Taylor
After only my second visit to Alex I’ve learnt an incredible amount. His knowledge is truly outstanding and he builds such a bond with his clients dogs which is amazing. Will 100% be visiting again, myself and my 14 month old GSD are very thankful for his help and continued support.
Nate Tonge
Nate Tonge
Alex has gone above and beyond to help me. He is very knowledgeable and I’ve seen huge results in single sessions where he has problem solved issues I’ve had for months within minutes. I can’t thank Alex enough and I look forward to continuing to working with him.
kellie quinton
kellie quinton
Alex came highly recommended to me after feeling disillusioned with progress at a different training school with my bully pup Otis. Alex' expertise and experience is invaluable, he is a master of his craft. Sessions are so relaxed, with Alex teaching and guiding us both, my confidence with handling grows with each session which I hope is reflecting in the progress Otis is making. We are both absolutely loving the journey and cannot thank Alex enough.
John B
John B
Could not recommend Alex highly enough! 1st started my dog training journey with him a few years ago with my Doberman juke who was very dog reactive, anxious, no recall and huge lead puller. After just 2 sessions a year apart and all the homework inbetween I could walk juke off lead anywhere in public with a perfect recall and he would happily go on pack walks with other dogs ignoring them. Sadly he died young and since owning my new puppy Bruno I see Alex most weeks and at 2 years old he’s already the perfect dog. We’re training for his BH test and work on protection and I could not be happier. The best thing about training with Alex for me is that he teaches me the owner so I can practice it all with my dog and build an exceptional bond. Jack and keeley are also both excellent dog trainers and I often recommend all 3 to anyone who stops and asks how I got Bruno so well behaved.
What We Do

Essex Dog Trainer’s is based in Chelmsford and covers the whole county. We offer dog training and residential training throughout Essex and the UK for all your puppies and dog training needs.

Our main aim is to guide and help you understand the behaviour your dog is demonstrating to achieve the goal you seek. Giving you specialist and expert training to develop your dog into the perfect pet

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What would you do if your dog was off lead and saw another dog across the road and decides to run to play with them?

Do you have enough control to recall your dog under these circumstances? Can you give your dog the command to “down” as he runs off?

A strong recall or even an emergency down could prevent your dog being hit by a car, running towards an aggressive dog or a even a dog thief.

You are probably thinking I can achieve this all at my local dog training club, but can you? Dogs become familiar with their surroundings and often enough attending dog training classes can not replicate the real life situations faced in every day life.

With our training methods we teach you and your dog to be successful in everyday situations with guidance and most importantly fun.

It’s important that you start the basic training with your puppy as young as possible, normally you’ll get a puppy from 8 weeks old.

Your puppy can then start their training outside after they receive their vaccinations OR training can begin from within your home from day 1 of collection!

I take the time to understand the exact help that you require, and help you shall receive! I have helped thousands of dog owners with behavioural issues and specialise in dealing with dangerous dogs (although I work with ALL kinds of dogs). I am often called out to help where other dog trainers have failed.

I’ll teach you all the skills you and your dog require to overcome any problem behaviours. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. My services are designed with you and your dog in mind to get the best results for you both.

One to one training is a great option for clients who want to learn alongside their dog or if you’d like to have your dog trained by me please visit my residential training section.

While at Big Dog Club your dog will spend the day working with expert dog trainers working on their general obedience. From basic commands, to learning to switch off to just holding their attention. It’s a huge part of what we do.

While at Little Dog Club your dog will spend the day working with expert dog trainers working on their general obedience. From basic commands, to learning to switch off to just holding their attention. It’s a huge part of what we do.

Our trainers are part of the most elite protection training groups in the world. They have trained the strongest dogs in the world for the police, personal protection, security and international sport.

We will work to your requirements, as well as your dogs. This is one of the most important things – there are of course some set procedures, but every dog and every owner are different, we adapt the training to this.