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Alex the Essex Dog Trainer

Observing a void in dog owner support in Essex, I recognized the demand for a trainer with expertise in my distinct approach. As a national champion in IGP—comprising tracking, obedience, and protection—I’ve honed my skills through working with over 10,000 dogs. Notably, I specialise in transforming the behavior of even the most mischievous dogs. My goal is to guide you in establishing the rewarding relationship with your dog that you truly deserve.


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What I discovered when I started dog training

Many pet owners grapple with frustration when it comes to their dogs. Fortunately, addressing these widespread issues is possible through the application of modern, innovative techniques, which not only provide effective solutions but also save both time and money.

Leveraging my expertise as a national champion in IGP, having worked with over 10,000 dogs, I specialise in employing cutting-edge methods to transform behaviour, ensuring a more harmonious relationship between you and your canine companion. 

So I got to work on creating a training method that was never frustrating

Consistently enjoyable, inventive, and informative, achieving the hard-earned results you desire is our specialty. With over a decade of expertise in the field of dog training and behavior, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure that the journey to success is not only effective but also enjoyable.


Our dog training style is designed for EVERYONE, regardless of the issues you’re facing with your pup or dog!

Imagine YOUR dog showcasing PRO-level behavior, leaving other dog owners in awe. That’s the transformation we bring to your puppy or dog through our specialised dog training in Essex.


and you'll discover the BEST KEPT SECRETS to getting a WELL-BEHAVED dog that LISTENS without long hours wasted on other trainers